Why Improv?

In our improv classes you will learn the fundamentals of comedic improv: making offers, saying “Yes, and,” establishing narrative, and how to play the hilarious games that will help build spontaneous scenes.

You will learn to:
  • Get “Out of Your Head”

  • Become a Better Public Speaker

  • Find the Best in Your Teammates (or Coworkers)

  • Fail Gracefully

  • Listen Meaningfully

  • Become the Funniest Person in the Room*

*Depends upon room size — no guarantees here….

Students have said:

"The practices that Kelly teaches are powerful tools for unlocking creativity."

-Micah GR

"If you interact with humans you should take this class."

-Georgui K.

"I’ve already gained the confidence to perform some around town, and even when I wasn’t killing it, I was having fun. Absolutely take this class."

-Matt H.

Why Standup?

In our standup classes you will learn the fundamentals of the artform: the basics of writing a joke, identifying a good premise, creating compelling setups, developing and articulating a persona, driving home punchlines, anticipating audience expectations, adding tags, and more.

You will learn to:
  • Become a better public speaker

  • Tell more compelling stories

  • Tighten up your writing (in all forms)

  • Develop useful memory techniques

  • Gain a deeper appreciation for comedic artforms

  • Slay at every open mic*

*Uh, depends on the audience, and what you mean by ‘slay’

Next Standup Class: Coming Soon! (Spring 2023)

If you are interested in taking the next standup class, please sign up for the newsletter (below), or even better contact us to let us know.