In 2015 Carter Roux thought of a bad pun, and before you know it he and his friends who worked at the 5 Points Bottle Shop started a backyard comedy show called Krakin Jokes with 8 people in attendance.

The rule was that if you showed up, you had to get on stage. Had no material? No worries, you could field questions provided by the wily audience and tell a story about the most sensitive, embarrassing, or downright strange moments in your life.

We had a rickety backyard stage, a borrowed microphone, an amp, and enough rum to euthanize a donkey. When it got cold, we moved into the living room and stood on a coffee table. After two shows about 30 people showed up and we had to put together a lineup. Kelly Smith started playing some walkup music on his laptop, Daniel Cutts built some benches, and the rest is pretty much history.

It was so much fun we kept doing it for 5 years until the county shut us down... for having too much fun. I started Flying Squid Comedy to keep the good times going. Here are some pictures from the heyday of youth, drunkenness, stupidity, easy love, hard falls, quick decisions, lifelong friendships, broken hearts, watermelons, and pigeons. If you were there, thanks for the good times. If you weren't there for the good times, I'm looking forward to sharing the next one with you.


Kelly Petronis, Flying Squid Comedy Creative Director